Class in America, in The Days of Gem City Heroine Neci Stans


Class today in America is not spoken about much. The classes exist but schools across America have managed to eliminate much of the hatred betweens Latinos, Blacks and Whites. Hatred comes from the parents these days…

This is a good thing and has taken 100 years.Image

Neci Stans in “Gem City Gypsy” is trying very hard to fit into Dayton, Ohio’s upper class and do and wear whatever upperclass women didImage.


It was a hard adjustment because the classes were separated by customs, language and sports. Neci knew how to ride a horse and that helped a lot. But she had to teach herself to dress and speak like an upper class lady.


Peace. Peace comes at night when the day

Peace. Peace comes at night when the day is complete and when you lie down with your pets around you. Your adoring cat finds her way under your arm and purrs as she makes her way to that familiar spot. And there is the sound of your dog flopping on the floor beside you. Oh how it would be sweet to have the man you adore with you as well. But there is always tomorrow. Yes, Neci, there is tomorrow.